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Essay on Nursing Example

Nursing is a challenging and responsible profession, which though is not a mere job but also the highly ethical responsibility of individuals for outcomes of their work in the field of nursing. In fact, nursing is the responsible job of nurses, who perform their functions properly and focus on the assistance of their clients to help them to cope with their problems.

At the same time, nursing is not the mere caring for people to meet their wants and to make them feel comfortable in the course of their treatment and recovery. In fact, patients do need to feel comfortable but nurses should focus on their actual needs and treatment appointed by the physician (Limentani, 1999). The treatment or procedures patients should have may be different from what clients want to do or they may be uncomfortable for clients. This is why the task of nurses is to make them feel better and involve patients in all procedures in the course of their treatment to maximize the effectiveness of their treatment.

Therefore, nursing should be balanced and based on individual skills of every nurse to deliver nursing care for patients and help them to recover and cope with their health problems. In this regard, nurses should be able to provide counseling services for their clients because the psychological assistance is helpful for the establishment of positive interpersonal relations between individuals (Sloane, et al., 2003). As a result, nurses can help patients to recover faster and effectively, if they gain the client confidence in their nurses.

Thus, nursing is the hard job, which involves professional and ethical responsibility of nurses for health of patients and provides them with nursing and counseling services.

why I want to be a nurse essay example

why i want to be a nurse essay example
why i want to be a nurse essay example

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